Catherine Lloyd

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Join wounded cavalry hero Major Sir Robert Kurland and Lucy Harrington the rector’s eldest daughter as they solve crimes in their quiet little village and gradually learn to appreciate each other.

Death Comes to the Village
Book 1
Death Comes to Londo
Book 2
Death Comes to Kurland Hall
Book 3
Death Comes to the Fair
Book 4
Death Comes to the School
Book 5
Death Comes to Bath
Book 6
Death Comes to the Nursery
Book 7
Death Comes to the Rectory
Book 8

Miss Morton, the daughter of a disgraced peer, is forced to seek employment and navigate her way through a society that no longer wishes to acknowledge her existence. But with her no-nonsense employer at her side, Caroline discovers her rebellious nature and that family and friends can be found in the most unlikely of situations—even while investigating the occasional murder.

Miss Morton and the English House Party Murders
Book 1
Miss Morton and the Spirits of the Underworld
Book 2